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Because of our long-standing experience with the design and production of content for technology-based learning, eLearning Innovations is unrivaled with respect to the scope and depth of expertise. Our capabilities also affirm our commitment to high quality production and content transition.

We work across numerous disciplines -- medical and health-related (physicians, nurses, other clinicians, professional medical coders, social workers, rehab specialists and other health-related fields), technical and information technologies, management/supervisory, oil and gas, education, law enforcement.

Each member of the eLearning Innovations Executive team brings extensive experience to projects. The Executives have a combined total of more than 80 years of distance learning expertise and specialization in instructional design, production, technical support, Learning Management Systems, and organizational implementation and integration. Our team also consists of specialists from video production, evaluation, project management, web and responsive content development, and mobile learning.

Lorne A. Parker, Ph.D.
Alice L. Parker, M.S. Ed.
Dr. Parker, President, Founder, and CEO, is known for his work as a pioneer and visionary when it comes to creative and innovative applications of distance education in both the video- and web-based environments. He has designed many interactive teleconferencing networks and has over 45 years experience in system planning, management, technology, and applications. In the past several years, he has led the company team in designing, developing, delivering, and managing a number of web-based programs that provide education and training for a variety of business, educational, and governmental clients. Parker holds a Ph.D. in Communication Arts and Adult Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Parker has been recognized with many awards for his distinguished industry service.
Ms. Parker, Vice President, also has a wealth of experience with content development, course implementation and learning oversight. She was instrumental in designing the new supervisory training used by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and facilitates ongoing blended classes based on that curriculum. She has worked extensively with other areas of the VA in developing online staff education, including topics such as ICD-10 coding, Patient Safety, Age Specific Care, Suicide Prevention, and many others. Her career spans more than 40 years, and she has developed specialization in effective visualization and instructional design for diverse learning environments. Ms. Parker holds degrees in English and Instructional Technology. She also has been honored for her work in the industry.  
Committed to highest quality services for online learning within all disciplines and fields.
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