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eLearning Innovations provides distance-delivered programs in the topics below:
These self-directed courses feature Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook in addition to SharePoint and Windows. The tutorials provide an authentic environment with unrivaled simulations of the software programs. Each includes quick tips and resources that can be printed or saved. Useful for those wanting to learn or advance their skills working
in these applications!

Geared for VA/VHA, this training uses a blended approach and is based on the national TMS curriculum. It localizes and enriches the curriculum by having facility specialists present on training topics. Our team manages and facilitates this training to ensure effectiveness and success.
Our Leadership Coaching Professionals are experienced assisting Government Agencies implement their FEVS Action Plans. The focus is driving the critical actions required to install the desired culture as a way of doing business. 
Organizational Excellence becomes a way of managing. Our Leadership Coaches help make the difference and put plans into Action.
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With The Who We Are Counts Institute, eLearning Innovations also offers a business application series consisting of 7 webinars including topics below:

1. Team Building
2. Interview/Selection Process
3. Customer Service Excellence
4. Performance Management
5. Conflict Resolution
6. Managing Stress
7. Organization Values

Creating powerful and impactful elearning programs doesn’t have to be difficult. In this blended training, essential principles of learning are examined to guide elearning design. Those principles focus on best practices for the technology-based environment. All are rooted in learning and communication theories, adult teaching practices, and concrete models for diverse content and learning modalities.
It's crunch time for the adoption of ICD-10 coding! This extensive and complete self-directed training provides a clear understanding of ICD-10 coding by using illustrations, audio, games, and interactive practice exercises of coding activities.

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