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With many years of experience in distance and technology-based instruction, eLearning Innovations, Inc. has defined itself as a premier provider for:

  • Online content conversion and adaptation, including mobile learning,
  • Learning support services, hosting, management, and
  • Consulting for dispersed learning projects and organizational implementation.
  • Diverse subject matter and disciplines ranging from Medical/Health professional eduction to Technical Maintenance, Information Technologies, and many more.

eLearning provides a product line called eLearning Collaboration Suite that combines all of these aspects - that is, content conversion for online or distributed delivery, training development, learning administration, user support services, hosting, and consultation for organizational implementation and sustainability.

The components are flexible, scalable, and affordable. The client chooses which ones, or all, that fit the need and situation.

Content can come from original ideas within an organization, existing in-person content to transition, or off-the-shelf training to adapt to self-directed or blended delivery. 

eLearning Innovations is the ideal partner for organizations seeking to improve training through a combination of online delivery and web-based learning delivery.

The focus of eLearning Collaboration Suite is to unlock the full potential of online instruction by working closely with content providers and using today’s best instructional practices. 

The strategy behind our Services is to:

  • Shorten the content production process,
  • Improve reusability of learning elements,
  • Empower content providers to participate in the development process,
  • Provide technical support so the client is not required to add personnel nor invest in additional equipment,
  • Help the client achieve faster implementation, and  
  • Provide contemporary tools for blended and synchronous learning.